Sunday, 2 November 2008

260 days to go: Fantasy football manager

Last year I was invited to watch Liverpool play Chelsea in the Champions League semi-final.
My husband was disgusted.
And quite rightly so.
While he and our three sons who are Liverpool fans watched the game on the television I sat in hospitality with a pitchside view of the lovely Jose Mourhino.
Did I feel guilty? Not a bit.
For the last ten years I have spent most winters watching my boys play, smiling sweetly as I froze on the sidelines.
(Am I the only one who cheers when the referee blows the final whistle?)
But I digress.
For the past six years my husband has been a football manager. OK so it may only be little league football but it gives me plenty of scope to fulfill my fantasies of being a certain football manager's wife.
And if I stand at the opposite side of the pitch and leave my glasses at home my husband has the look of a certain manager.
But I can't imagine Mrs Mourhino has to slum it on the sidelines trying to keep warm like I did today.
Ah well I can dream.

I wore..
Gap jeans
Black boots (Zara)
Thermal long sleeved T- shirt - M & S
Grey wool jumper (Espirit)
Fur gilet (as yesterday_
Long green cord trench coat which is a size too big to allow for all my layers
Mint green pashmina (free with magazine)


Heather Bestel said...

Very glam in spite of the cold.
I love the coat and the scarf.
Have a great week

see you there! said...

It must be cold where you are but it makes for a nice outfit. We have drippy rain but it is still warm.